The Handwork Hub (Pty) Ltd is a 51% black owned Empowerment Project. We are 100% women owned and we all come from Sir Lowry’s Pass village and Nomzamo township. We make the little gold tassels for Amarula Cream and most of us are the only breadwinner in our families.

We have a factory in Somerset West where every lady makes 2000 Amarula tassels every day. Most people don’t think about us when they buy Amarula Cream, but our livelihood depends on Amarula. The current alcohol ban is not good for us. If Distell stops ordering tassels, we must stop producing tassels. We need the alcohol ban lifted sooner rather than later.
The number of ladies making tassels at Handwork Hub is directly proportional to the number of tassels that Distell requires for Amarula Cream. We need Amarula Cream to sell. We need Distell to order more tassels. Everyone here is asking: “Please save my livelihood”