Faulty reasoning for tobacco liquor bans

WHY do the Coronavirus Command
Council members and the president
not make public how many smokers
have been infected by the virus and
have had to be in ICU and put on
ventilators? This was their reason
given for the ban on cigarettes. If
there have been any, they must
substantiate their claim.
In the Sunday Times there were
stories published from people who
have had the virus and what they
What was interesting was, there
was a smoker in her sixties who had
it and she was put on antibiotics and
was over it in lessthan a month.
Then there was a well-known
young South African swimmer, very
fit, who took three months to get
over it. Makes one wonder how
much truth there is in that smokers
are more at risk?
Then we come to the ban on
alcohol. People who overindulge and
are the causeof various incidents
and are admitted to hospitals,
can't be admitted to the Covid-19
section of the hospital unless they
are positive. They are admitted to a
ward. So once again, where is their
If the rest of the country took
the advice of the Western Cape
and followed the way they handled
the virus, and where the cases
of infection are dropping by the
day, their infections would not be
increasing by the thousands asthey
presently are doing.
I look at daily updates on the
Western Cape dashboard and on
WhatsApp on current casesin South
Africa and keep records of these, so I
know exactly what the numbers are.

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