Lieza van der Merwe's Story

Here at Merwida Winery we are responsible for over 300 families. These families include elderly, current workers and their children along with farm managers, winemakers, accountants, drivers and administrative staff. If we are unable to trade wine, our people will be robbed of their livelihoods. Merwida Winery is supported by only two producers, Alweda Farms and Hexwal Farms. Both producers are Fairtrade accredited and all the current projects (creché facilities, community centers, transport facilities, medical assistance etc etc) that are supported by Fairtrade, cannot continue if we cannot sell wine. Many of our workers have been living and working on our farms for generations. This might all change should the alcohol ban prevail. We at Merwida, understand the pressure put on hospital ER's as a result of alcohol abuse, but the country will be facing a ten fold increase in poverty and joblessness should the wine industry fold. Please help save our livelihoods by encouraging safe drinking and lifting the alcohol ban.