Eugene Scheepers's Story

The Daily Wine is an online platform that sells wine on a DAILY DEAL basis. The alcohol ban came as a massive surprise to us, and we still had a lot of orders which had to be delivered, but we could not. Luckily our customers were very understanding.

We are faced daily with the temptation of people asking to buy wine and collect it during the ban. We are against this and we are making a stand against the illegal trade of alcohol. This has had a severe impact on our revenue, but we believe it is the right thing to do!

We had a choice to make. Either we feel sorry for ourselves, or we see how we can make a difference. We decided on the latter. Throughout the alcohol ban we have continued selling wine to our customers, even though all deliveries will only be made once the ban is lifted. In this way we can make a difference and ensure all our suppliers have some cash flow to continue paying their employees and minimize job losses.

The response from the public has far exceeded our expectations and they continue to support these wine farms in their darkest hour.

We are incredibly thankful for the support and we look forward to the ban being lifted!

Please help us by supporting #SaveMyLivelihood