Marc Pendlebury's Story

As the ban continues to jeopardise the businesses and livelihoods of so many countless hard-working and honest individuals, WhiskyBrother finds itself amongst those impacted. Our retail store in Hyde Park, our whisky bar in Morningside and even our online store are all forcibly shut and instead of the expansion we had planned this year, we are instead fighting for our very existence. Although we are a small and independent business, we directly employ 8 staff who in return are responsible for a total of 28 other people- children, spouses, parents. Even though we can't sell any whisky, we still have rent due and salaries to pay so our staff can have roofs over their heads and food on their tables. We are literally having to borrow money from the bank to make ends meet- no help from the government even though it is their extreme measure we are forced to abide by. We are the only country in the world that has done this and that should ring alarm bells! This is not the solution to fighting the current pandemic, but is instead threatening the future of millions of people. Enough is enough; lift the ban!